Diadora presents its heritage fall-winter 2011 collection at Bread & Butter

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The appointment with the window which serves as a trend setter for international fashion is on Tuesday 19th January at Tempelhof airport in Berlin. Until Friday 21st January, at hangar 1, stand 15.2, Diadora Sport displays its Heritage fall-winter 2011 collection at the winter edition of Bread & Butter. Novelty, technology and colour are stitched together on every single line to create original effects and unique sneakers in the sportswear panorama.

Tennis, football, cycling, athletics: Diadora’s world is one of sport at the highest level and it is also the source of inspiration for Heritage, its life-style collection. The models worn by great champions have been re-examined and altered by special treatments that add a touch of vintage and an unlined aspect. Some of the most avant-garde are: stone wash, which gives the shoe a worn-out look, deformed by time; dirty, which creates a really particular effect of ‘dirtiness on purpose’, thanks to special techniques of natural pigment application that follow the lines of each shoe; and lastly the “hand made” wax treatment, a totally hand crafted process that no machine is able to achieve. The accurate care used in producing models and the attention to details have turned the shoes into unique, original pieces. The continuous researchDiadora makes into materials and technologies is also enriched by the faded effect, i.e. the ‘dyeing of the finished garment’ created by means of special natural pigments, combined with the “hand made” wax treatment. 

Equipe Stone Wash. Heritage, the symbol line, is enhanced by a new model: EQUIPE M SW H. a revamped “city mountain” sneaker similar to a typical trekking shoe that retains the lightness and comfort of a city shoe. Manufactured in suede, it has undergone special stone washes to give it the allure of a worn-out shoe that has been deformed by time, yet tested to guarantee lasting fit and comfort. The totally handcrafted vintage wax treatment process is also proof of the particular care used in its manufacture. All models come with a removable leather insole, two laces in contrasting colours, metal mountain rivets and rubber soles. The leitmotif of the whole line is the particular stone wash on the upper. The materials used have also helped make Equipe Stone Wash Heritage’s best seller: suede and removable leather insole. 

Mi Basket 84. An absolute novelty for fall-winter 2011. The line takes inspiration from a historic basketball model, produced ad hoc by Diadora in 1984 on the occasion of its sponsorship of the Milano Basket team. The discipline of that year today shines in a new light through the use of truly fine full grain leather, combined with a hand-made vintage treatment on the sole which gives the typical touch of a shoe aged on purpose. 

The Queen. This line has been produced on the basis of the original shoe created for Edwin Moses, the great American hurdler, at the end of the 1970s. It comes in two versions: one in original 1970s nylon, and one in Rip-stop nylon and suede which has been stone washed and thus guarantees the aspect of a shoe that is unlined, that has a well- worn look and that has lost its original shape. 

Tennis 270. This line has been inspired by the clay court world of the Seventies, when Diadora made its world sports sponsorship debut. Today, that emotion lives on in the collection’s suede models which have undergone special vintage treatment on the sole. All shoes come with a removable leather insole and coloured interchangeable laces. 

B.Original. This collection is dedicated to the great tennis star Bjorn Borg. There is absolute fidelity to the model worn by the champion, but it has been brought up-to-date by the use of special treatments, such as the faded effect, ‘dyeing on the finished garment’ using special ecological pigments, as well as the ageing process and hand finishing. Alongside the B. Original line, there is B.B. Elite, the version in fine full grain kangaroo leather that relaunches another original clay court model, worn by Borg in 1981. The sole comes in a two-tone rubber, with a natural rubber underside, it’s fast to lace up, with a padded instep and heel and anatomical, removable insoles. 

All these special manufacturing techniques - stone wash, dirty, faded and hand-waxing, do not only represent avant-garde processes in footwear treatments, they are also the symbol of continuous research into increasingly innovative solutions for the creation of original, unique sneakers in the whole footwear panorama. In particular, the stone washing process that characterises almost all the models, is the element that guarantees the production of shoes which feature irregularity and ever-diverse shades, thus giving the product a strong and distinct personality.

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